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Gather • Challenge • Do Life Together

Spring Semester - "12 Teachings of Jesus"

Put God First

In this first session we are looking at the value and need to put God first in our lives. We address some big challenges and give you some great tools to move forward.

Link to "30 Days to Understanding the Bible" Max Anders

Have Faith in God

In this podcast we explore the topic of faith. What does it mean to "have faith"? What can we expect? How do we live a life of believing in God? Join us as we grow in our understanding of how living a life faith is walked out in our day to day lives.

Don't Worry

Worry is one of the big topics that Jesus tackled in His earthly ministry. It can rob us of our peace, steal our strength, and pull us from our faith. In this podcast we discuss the negative effects of worry and give three action steps to help you overcome it.

Stay Humble

Humility isn't something we put on our New Year's resolution list, but according to Jesus it plays a big part in being His disciple. Join us as we break this topic down and apply it to our everyday lives.

Let Your Light Shine

How can we show the world Jesus? That's the topic for this week's study. Let's dive in together to see what Jesus says about being a light to the world.

Make Disciples

In this podcast we discuss the final commandment that Jesus gave to his followers, "Go make disciples." What is a disciple? How do they act, what do they do? Let's explore this together to find practical ways of living this very important commandment out in our lives.

The Golden Rule

In this podcast we discuss the Golden Rule in it's scriptural context. Taking a deep dive into our inner beliefs and actions. This teaching reveals ways that we can overcome repeated actions and fulfill the commandment of Jesus to "Treat others the way you want them to treat you." 


In this podcast we dive into "Why" we find ourselves hurt, broken, and angry - needing to forgive others for things they have done, or failed to do. Join us as we discuss unmet expectations and how we can overcome them.

Don't Judge

This week we talk about how often we judge people who look, live or sin differently than we do. What does Jesus say about our judgement, and how does His example challenge us to do better?

Be Merciful

In this podcast we discuss the commandment of Jesus to be like our Father and show mercy to others. What does this require of us, who does it extend to? Join us as we discover the life changing act of mercy.

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