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Beach at Sunset


Podcast Discussion Notes

Mark 11:25-26 NLT

Q1: What are some situations where unmet expectations have: hurt you, made you angry, changed your life?


Forgiveness is hard because it feels like someone else has controlled the outcome of our life. They took something from us, out of our control.

God dealt with unmet expectations too.


Exodus 32:1-4 NLT

Exodus 32:7-9 NLT

Q2. Was God justified in His anger?

Exodus 15:11-13 NLT

So how did God deal with His unmet expectations?

Exodus 32:13-14 NLT

Moses reminded God of His own faithfulness

Q3. Why do you think God changed His mind after Moses reminded God of His promise?

How can we learn to deal with our unmet expectations?

1. Build your relationship with God, learning to put your complete trust in Him

Psalm 27:10 NLT

2. Desire to do the things He tells you do, even if they are hard, because they lead to life​


Psalm 27:11 NLT

Q4. What are some ways to prevent unmet expectations?


  • Make your expectations clear

  • Communicate your hurt or disappointment before it becomes rooted in your heart

  • Give people a chance to explain or course correct


Choose to forgive someone for something they have done or neglected. Send them a letter, email, or text if appropriate.

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