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Don't Judge

Podcast Discussion Notes

Matthew 7:1-2 AMP

Q1: In what ways do making assumptions about people, limit, or impact our opinion of them?


Jesus was the master at looking beyond the exterior of a person to see the real value inside.

Matthew, Mary Magdalene, Zacchaeus, The woman at the well, The demon possessed man, The woman caught in adultery

Q2. How do the ways that Jesus dealt with people, that most of us would quickly judge, challenge you to live differently?

How should we act toward others?

Colossians 3:12-15 NLT

Paul tells us to "clothe ourselves" with mercy, kindness, humility, love, etc...

Every day we get up and “choose” the clothes we are going to wear. We also must “choose” the attitudes and actions we have towards others.

The things Paul lists are fruits of The Spirit. Knowing the Word and drawing on the truth found in it, will empower us to bear that fruit in our lives.

Q3. What is one fruit of the Spirit that you find hard to demonstrate?

Make a conscious effort to improve. Choose everyday to “clothe yourself” with that characteristic.

3 ways to curb judgement:

  • Refrain from prejudice

  • Keep an open heart towards people

  • Listen for God’s voice, for the Holy Spirit to speak to you


Pick someone you find easy to judge. On purpose be more considerate of them. Try to have a conversation with them and find out what their story is. Be ready for God to use you!

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