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Religious Statue

Be Merciful

Podcast Discussion Notes

Luke 6:32-36 NIV

Q1: Have you ever struggled with wanting someone who hurt you to suffer or fail?


Our feelings are real, but Jesus asks us to move past our feelings to show mercy.

Q2. What does it look like to be Mercy-full? (Filled with mercy) Do you know someone who is good at showing mercy?

What does mercy look like for us?

1. God sees you for your potential and gives you a hand up​

Psalm 25:6-7 NLT


2. Mercy has been shown to you​

Ephesians 2:4-5 NLT


3. Mercy is freely available to you at all times​​​

Hebrews 4:16 NIV

Q3. How does God's mercy motivate you to offer mercy to others?

Jesus says mercy looks like “loving your enemies”

No one is outside our boundary to love

Luke 6:36 NIV

Jesus is asking us to do for others what God has already done, and continues to do, for us.


Choose to let someone off the hook who has done you wrong, or show kindness and mercy toward someone you think deserves what they are dealing with.

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