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My Redeemer

Podcast Discussion Notes


Accepting God’s redemption 

1. Do you sometimes, or often, have a hard time accepting God’s gift of forgiveness and redemption for yourself?​

Deuteronomy 28

2. Can you wrap your mind around how God’s love for you is constant, but your actions can hinder your relationship with Him?​

​3. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “How did I get here?”​

Redemption must become a reality in our life

Romans 6:23 NIV

4. Do you understand why a price has to be paid for your sin?​

“You can’t pay for something that’s already been paid.” from podcast

5. How often do you still try to pay for your sin? Why?​

The battlefield is in the mind

Romans 10:9-13 NLT

Luke 6:45 NIV

“Whatever is inside of you, comes out when you talk” from podcast

6. When the king of replay (satan) reminds you of all your mistakes, what can you do to overcome that? Do you know scriptures to stand on in that moment?​

“Take every thought captive, and you can only do that with scripture” from podcast

Additional scriptures to study:

2 Corinthians 5:19

Galatians 3:13-14

Ephesians 1:7

Titus 2:14

1 Peter 1:18

Revelation 5:9

Psalms 49:7-9

Luke 1:67-75


Identify one sin or failure in your life that you struggle believing that God has forgiven you for. Find a scripture or two that speak truth into that issue and begin speaking it out every time you think about it.

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