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The God Who Knows & Chooses You

Podcast Discussion Notes


God sees you as very good

Genesis 1:31 NIV


“Before you can have an open and intimate relationship with God, you have to accept His value of you and you have to learn to love and respect yourself” from podcast


Genesis 2:7 NIV

“Before we know it, we begin to see ourselves, not the way God sees us, but the way the world sees us” from podcast

1. Are there experiences in your life or words spoken about you, past or present, that make you feel unlovable, even to God?​

Romans 8:28 NASB

Romans 5:6-11 NIV

1 John 4:9 NIV

The Creator took your place

Psalms 27: 9-10 NIV

2. When you have questions, when you don’t know how to believe God, what do you do?​

3. Can you see the value of looking to the Word to grow your faith when you struggle to believe?​

Link: Jesus loves Barabbas - Judah Smith

Matthew 27:13-25 NIV


4. How does the story of Barabbas change your perspective of how God sees and loves you?​

The radical changing power of love

Ephesians 3:17-19 AMP


5. ​In your opinion, how can a deep understanding of God’s amazing love for you and others, change your life, your priorities?​


Take your biggest struggle, your darkest sin to God. Lay it down in front of Him and let Him take it. Then commit to Him to keep laying it down. Let Him love you like Barabbas.

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